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I am Senol Colak, the founder of Independent Technology Review. I am a 25 year IT veteran, I worked as many different titles. Just to make it short, I did almost everything in IT. Varying from speclialist, engineer to CTO and CEO…

But first, let’s talk about how Independent Technology Review might be helpful to you. Here what we are doing is providing information, comment and reviews for IT Specialists, businessmen, and managers about the tendency of technology and business world in the future.

Each article you’ ll find here are free of populism and advertisements, which is nowadays difficult to find. Everything on our articles bases on completely impartial pure truth.

Today, we know that to reach and update, real and impartial information is hard.

“When you want to get informed about any topic related to technology and the business, what comes across?

Either you come up with a product promotion which belongs to certain companies, or you meet with mostly old dated news that doesn’t base on the real data. I am not even talking about the populism which is more than necessary just to be on the top order in search engines.

You cannot address your career with that kind of information!”

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