Those Faces Are Fake

Those people are not real and you can buy them, to make your own profile from a person that does not exist.

Artificial intelligence can create eerily realistic images of people who don't actually exist. Yes, that is not something new. However, some websites sell hundreds of nonexistent photos of people for a few dollars if you need them.

You can buy a "unique" fake person for $ 2.99 or buy 1,000 people for $ 1,000. If you need a few fake people for characters in a video game or to make your company website look more diverse, you can get their photos for free on Isn't it scary?

Fake Human Faces |

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Finally Gaia-X was on the stage

We talked about Gaia-X before. Europe remains committed to protecting its data. Pan-European GAIA-X Summit was held between 18-19 November under the leadership of Germany and France in order to make more publicity about this issue and to explain their plans for the future.

At the meeting, which was held with the participation of 4000 people and various organizations and companies representing 15 European countries. The aim was to "Create a new generation data ecosystem for Europe," as a conclusion, it was decided to establish the GAIA-X center.

GAIA-X portal prepared for the demo was shown during the demonstration. On the portal, service providers and customers can make comparisons such as price/service/content on the same platform. I strongly recommend you to review. You can access it here.

The goal for service providers is to upload the content of their products and the architectures of their services as blueprint information to the GAIA-X database.

The service catalogues uploaded to the portal will be verified by a method which is to be decided(they are still discussing the mechanism), and whether the service providers are qualified to provide those services will be approved. This will enable customers who receive services from the providers to decide in the future, whether their data is used by 3rd party companies and how transparent they are.

The given effort what is planned seems to be good enough. My biggest concern is that there are giant companies that we call Hyperscalers against the European Local service provider companies. European States again leave the authority in this matter in the hands of service customers.

And unfortunately, these companies are heavily forced to buy services from AWS, Azure and Google.EU states must encourage and support small and medium-sized service providers for providing sustainable and competitive services. Maybe TAX reduction or funds for innovation.

More detailed information on GAIA-X | GAIA-X

The Data Collected Before Covid-19 Is Meaningless For Machine Learning?

Machine learning, one of the advanced analysis techniques, is based on the principle that patterns and behaviors from the past will likely be repeated in the future.

However, recent data reflect radical changes in human behavior. Because the pandemic has caused us to adopt new physical distance, less travel and different spending habits in our daily life.

So, for models built before the pandemic - based on historical data - COVID era inputs could seriously reduce predictive capabilities. Therefore, in many areas, the predictive power of pre-COVID-19 data can be considered insufficient or invalid.

The Role of Leadership in Fixing Analytical Patterns Disrupted by Covid19 | MC Kinsey

Technology Update


The Linux Evil Tool Kit is a framework for pentest professionals that aims to centralize, standardize and simplify the use of various security tools. LETK (Linux Evil Tool Kit) has a few simple commands, one of which is INIT which allows you to define a target and thus use all the tools without writing anything else.

Linux Evil Tool Kid | GitHub for your daily training routine

"I want to learn Python but I can't find enough time"

"I want to write code in C language, but all my information is old. I can't update myself."

"New developers know brand new technologies, I don't understand what they are talking , how can I catch them?"

"I'm working as a SRE. I don't have time for coding."

"I'm mostly doing DevOps , I can't spend a lot of time to this kind learning routine"

I know dozens of people who said all of these sentences. Sometimes I was even saying the same things. Dealing with software is not like riding a bike. It is more like performing some kind of art or sport; like painting, making music, swimming, running a marathon ...

It requires you to keep yourself updated constantly. It's brutal when you take a break, so you have to code regularly every day.(like a regular training) site offers you easy and continuous content that will support you in this sense. You can do some exercises on the site for 5-10 minutes every day. You will see very serious benefits within a month or two.

What About Life?

E-Book Foundation Published Hundreds of Free Ebooks

Free e-book foundation published a free library of thousands of books on GitHub. Take a look at this vast resource where you can find most of the information you need about information technologies and programming.

E-Book Foundation | Git Hub

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