Semiconductor Crisis !

As you know, Chips are like little building blocks or cells found in all kinds of gadgets, from jet fighters to satellites, from refrigerators to cars. Because of Covid-19 the supply chain is broken!

Hello after a long break,

For the last month I was convinced to work in a company, after a week I quit the new job. I had a incident, which I would never accept.

When you work in a company you need to have an eye level with everyone, otherwise it is just a waste of time.

After almost 30 years of working I have the following principles.

Within your teams you should always have the following

Respect: respect to your team and they should also respect to you. You need to build that and it will be build in time.

Trust: Don’t work with someone that you don’t trust. Technical things can be taught or learned, but an unreliable person can never be tolerated.

Passion: Your team should have a vision and a belief to achieve that vision. That is team spirit or passion. Try to use OKR or S.M.A.R.T. to achieve those goals.

Question everything: Always be curious and try to question the dogma or standards.

So in brief, I had a problem with Trust and Respect. I hope my manager is now more respectful to his team.

Semiconductor Crisis!

Intel was the pioneer and star of the chip manufacturing industry until recent years. However, not anymore; there is a "Chip" shortage.

Taiwanese firms have taken the lead in advanced designs, including Taiwanan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company and South Korean Samsung are now kings of manufacturing.

Government subsidies provided by countries such as China and Taiwan are said to have had a major impact on the shift of the vast majority of chip production in the world outside the US.

So much the Chinese government also spends a lot of money to develop its own chip industry and stresses that it does not rely on imported chips and equipment.

Therefore, chips are one of the leading fronts in the political, military and economic competition between the USA and China.

The trouble is so great that there are not enough Chips even for the US Army. For this reason, the US government is preparing a program for its taxpayers to subsidize chip factories in order to provide secure and uninterrupted chips for the US Army.

The Big Picture:

Essentially, the background to all this is China. There are fears that prolonged tensions between China and Taiwan could at some point disrupt the chip industry, causing a kind of technological apocalypse.

Soon We May Not Find Cars, Computers or Even Phones!

An important cause of chip scarcity is the epidemic we live in.

Many major automakers, including Ford and Volkswagen, slowed or temporarily halted production because they were unable to get the necessary computer chips.

Because making computer chips is very difficult and complex. During production, it takes time for the raw material to turn into a product.

So it is difficult for factories to respond quickly when demand rises or falls suddenly.

This became a major problem during the epidemic.

Serious purchasing spikes for some types of electronics, including laptops, printers, and video game consoles, have made it difficult for companies to have enough materials and manufacturing capacity to keep up.

Therefore, finding the desired model of the car you want in the future, buying a computer for your child's school or a webcam for working from home may become more difficult or more expensive.

Try not to spoil anything important these days!

News and Useful Things

Traditional Cars on the List of Endangered Vehicles

In recent weeks, traditional cars have been added to the list of endangered vehicles.

General Motors has said it will stop selling gasoline-powered cars by 2035.

Ford and Volkswagen are spending billions of euros to produce electric vehicles.

Tesla made its first full annual profit in its history.

Hyundai has negotiated with Apple to produce a driverless car (although it was canceled because of its early talk), and startups like Rivian and Lucid are racing with entirely new ways to build cars.

The examples can be increased, the main thing is this:

Will the future of automobiles be dominated by technology-oriented companies such as Tesla and Apple, or by traditional car manufacturers?

We've been producing internal combustion engines for decades. And they won't be anymore.

This means we're on the cusp of one of the major industrial transformations that we're moving from an old way of doing business to a completely new way, and everything will be turned upside down.

Therefore, companies that will be successful in the auto industry should think like the other party.

So it is important for both automobile companies and technology companies to adapt each other's mindset and expertise.

Tesla's wonder is that they changed the concept of the car from a mechanical product to software.

The transition of traditional automakers is happening slowly, but they can still be very strong opponents for this new mode.

Because they're good at something that Tesla still doesn't have: running the orchestra of tens of thousands of pieces and putting them together to rigorous standards like 100,000 or 300,000 cars a year.

Apple does not want to use its own factory and machines like Tesla. Instead, it will try to collaborate with a traditional manufacturer.

We will see what happens.

Security For Docker Containers

Docker is a container technology, you can run your application in isolation. It is a platform that mostly software developers use on their own computers and can test live environments. We know that Docker technology is also used to package software on live systems, and millions of applications used on the internet today work in this way.

So how is the security of environments working with docker ensured?

The article here will inform you seriously about this.

Netbox: Ip and IT Inventory Management

NetBox is an open source web application designed to help manage and document computer networks. Originally designed by the network engineering team at DigitalOcean, NetBox was developed specifically to meet the needs of network and infrastructure engineers.

You can easily use it for software / hardware / operational inventory management within your company.

The main features of the software are as follows.

IP address management (IPAM) - IP networks and addresses, VRFs and VLANs

Equipment racks - Organized by group and site

Devices - Types of devices and where they are installed

Connections - Network, console and power connections between devices

Virtualization - Virtual machines and clusters

Circuits - Long distance communication circuits and providers

Confidential Data - Storing sensitive credentials encrypted

You can access documents and software via the links here.

What About Life?

Series: Years and Years

Years and Years Great dystopia and drama. The script of the series, written with a very smart fiction, makes the series very easy to watch. The British produce really original and beautiful content in the Sci-Fi genre. Although the series did not end as expected in the last episode (the production seemed to be finished early to me), I am sure that Black Mirror fans will definitely like it.

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