IT Training Wars

First Google announced that they will offer a kind of nano-degree for IT professionals, now AWS is announcing that they will train 29 Million IT professionals.

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The Cloud Technologies lane has become even more active with the pandemic.

We all know that the main reason for this is that companies are trying to adopt digital tools without wasting time and to “digitize” as quickly as possible.

In the Cloud Technology market, AWS is not alone, there are also Microsoft and Google. While this may seem like there is competition in the industry, actually AWS is the market leader since their founding.

As such, AWS has become the highest profitable division of Amazon Inc. Its sales in the third quarter of this year ($ 11.6 billion) increased by 29% compared to the previous year.

And yet, Amazon made a successful announcement last Thursday;

"The company announced that they will launch a free training program that will equip new skills for cloud computing roles until 2025 , the goal is 29 million people worldwide, from entry-level technical support to cybersecurity or engineers to machine learning, AI."

Most of their courses will be focused on AWS partner education or building up the educational path to train them become AWS(ers).

Those who complete their training are said to be highly likely to find AWS or other potential employment using AWS services.

AWS: Saviour of the unemployed(!)

29 million people!

Justification for this massive investment, Teresa Carlson, vice president of Amazon Web Services (AWS), said that they started it because they often heard from their customers that "they couldn't find the right people to take over the technical work for cloud technology."

So, companies spend a lot of time finding the right people with the skills required for their vacancies. On top of that, they have to train for at least a year to accelerate their skills after the recruitment is complete.

This means wasting more time and resources. Moreover, there is also the risk of losing your staff, which you aligned to you company needs in the most efficient way. Employees can easily switch their role to an institution that gives three or five percent more.

Seen from this angle, Amazon's "Education spurt" looks like a tearful benevolence.

But is it really so? What is this company, known for its stinginess with its employees, spending the huge budget - which it refuses to disclose - to train so many people?

With a somewhat questioning eye, what they really aim for is:

"To try to make the personnel who will actually work a part of their products by providing training to as many people as possible about their products"

We can see that.

So Amazon offers potential customers who want to benefit from cloud computing:

“If you buy my product, you will not have any trouble finding and training employees. Because there are many ready-made employees who know AWS in the market ... "

It is clear that this is a commercial move that AWS has been considered and implemented just in time to get its two closest competitors (Microsoft and Google) out of the game.

However, it is quite meaningful that Google announced a similar (though not on a large scale) 6-month "career training program" in September.

Because, taking advantage of the pandemic conditions, they are offering self-disciples as an opportunity for "career change without spending money" at a time when millions of people are unemployed, higher education is disrupted and especially in the US under the burden of student loans.

However, a computer engineer/scientist should never say that I am Microsoft man, I am a SAP engineer, I am a Oracle engineer…

don’t be an engineer locked to a company.

Amazon Wants To Train 29 Million People To Run In The Cloud | The Wall Street Journal

News and Useful Things

Monday (14.12.2020) Google was down for 45 minute

Although in many online environments this news echoed as if life had stopped, it was actually an authentication system outage for about 45 minutes due to the internal storage quota problem. Therefore, all transactions that required login failed.

The same problem occurred with AWS last month, and Microsoft Azure in September and October. So this kind of malfunction will always happen.

Therefore, this is the biggest indicator of how dangerous it can be to set an overall Cloud Strategy for single cloud providers. It should not be assumed that Public Cloud services will run continuously.

Therefore, businesses need to define their own cloud strategies with a hybrid approach, rather than connecting to a single public cloud service.

Google Cutout Shows Public Cloud Computing Is Not "Invincible" | CRN

Requested Facebook to Revoke Instagram And WhatsApp Purchases

“There is a legal reason why Instagram and WhatsApp are at the center of the state and federal litigation. Trying to reduce competition by buying rivals is a clear violation of America's anti-single-handed antitrust laws. "

Of course, it is clear that this lawsuit will take too long and will not be concluded in favor of the government or the states. Because a few years ago the same government agencies approved the sale of WhatsApp.

However, we can still say that the periods when they found the square empty for technology giants started to be behind. It seems likely that courtrooms, especially in Europe and America, will host many more cases related to these issues in the coming years.

Facebook Lawsuits Announced | Newyork Times

SAP Introduced Three New Automation Technologies

“There are not enough programmers in the world to meet the demand for new business applications.

Businesses are forced to support central application development groups with other resources, equipping operating staff with low-code and no-code development platforms and robotic process automation (RPA) tools that enable them to take on part of the programming workload.

At its annual developer conference, SAP presented not one but three new automation technologies, hoping to include non-developers on its platform. These:

Enterprise workflows, including ERP and Qualtrics customer experience platforms; SAP Ruum for business users without coding skills to automate department processes; and a limited version, SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation 2.0, will be included with every S4/HANA Cloud subscription starting January 2021.

SAP launches RPA, low-code tools to help reduce huge debt | CIO

Nutanix's New CEO is from VMware

Rajiv Ramaswami, who left VMware, was appointed as Nutanix's new CEO.

Its aim is to create a $ 2 Billion Cloud Market. In the interview on the link, “VMware has a very large portfolio. "Nutanix is smaller, more agile, capable of application and very focused," he said.

However, in this very active market, unfortunately this rapidly changing and highly competitive market, Nutanix does not have a chance anymore. Their competitiors offer microservice solutions and just being a Hyperconverged solution is not important anymore.

Openshift Virtualization / Microservice Redhat / IBM

VMware + Tanzu Virtualization / Microservice DELL

Rancher Microservices / Virtualization (currently under development) SuSE

There seems to be no room for Nutanix in this picture.

Nutanix's New CEO Leaves VMware to Create $ 2 Billion Cloud Star | CRN

CentOS Incident

There will be more to come, it is also useful to wait for some dust to settle. Because, as stated in the comment below, it is impossible for IBM or RedHat not to calculate the reactions and possible consequences.

“Both Red Hat and its parent company IBM are very large and well developed companies. It is very unlikely that they have foreseen the community response to a sudden change of direction like this ... It is also a frightening precedent to see a large and established company with a large user base making such a sudden change without a clear roadmap going forward. . RHEL customers are questioning whether such events will happen again in the future. ”

“There are two ways here. The first is that Red Hat is Apple (or IBM?) Of the Linux ecosystem and has become a high-priced private vendor with great technology. Second, Red Hat has come up with a roadmap that doesn't let the CentOS community down. "

After all these experiences, it is impossible for IBM to re-establish trust in the open source world. IBM took a 180 degrees opposite decision to its promise after the Redhat acquisition.

Nothing will be the same for IBM anymore.

Red Hat Goes to IBM and Says Goodbye to CentOS | STH

IBM's Red Hat Just Killed CentOS: Stability Is Out With CentOS Stream | It’sFoss

Thinking about IBM, I always give the following example. They are famous of not having visionary Managers. The following scene from “Pirates of Silicon Valley” explains a lot :)

Inspiring you for programming

Passion is the key factor when you are creating something. These two presenters(Uncle Bob Martin and Dylan) have the passion and also ability to explain what programming is and how deep it can affect you.

Dylan Beattie - The Art of Code (I would recommend to have a cup of coffee with the video)

Link to "Uncle" Bob Martin - "The Future of Programming" - YouTube

Technology Update

Linux X-Windows Terminal Text Editor: Featherpad

FeatherPad is a text editor developed and tested for Linux. It is quite successful and really usefull, especially with Python editing. However, it is not possible to guarantee its performance on other platforms.

“On Linux, you can install it from your distribution's software repository or directly from the source code in the Github repository.

It also has support for macOS and Haiku. Regardless of your platforms, you can compile Featherpad from source code and try it out. If you know C ++ and Qt development, you can even help support cross-platform support. "

For more detailed information

Try FeatherPad as your Linux terminal text editor | Open Source

Vim users will love the "Kakoune" text editor

Kakoune text editor is inspired by Vi. It looks like Vi at first, with a minimalistic interface, short keyboard shortcuts, and separate edit and insert modes.

However, the Kakoune editor has its own style in both design and function. We can assume this program as an alternative to Vim. We can use the shortcuts we use for Vim here as well, and this editor is much smaller is resource consumption.

Simple KVM virtualization for ARM processors: "Kvmtool"

We all know or have heard of Hypervisors such as VMware, Linux Qemu / Kvm, Xen, HyperV. Besides, there are virtualization methods such as Virtualbox / Virtuozzo that you can use on the desktop.

Kvmtool is a virtualization method developed and used specifically for ARM processors. With this method, you can only virtualize Linux servers, still it is a very successful and lightweight tool.

You should absolutely try it. Especially considering that ARM processors are the new platform chosen for APPLE Macbook, it is certain that we will begin to see these processors quite frequently in the server market.

running-kvm-guests |

LinuxFoundation-Presentation | YouTube


What About Life?

Älska mig

Set in Norway, the 2019 series tells the life of a modern Stockholm family.

The mother of the family is bedridden after a traffic accident and also struggles with diabetes.

The father loves his wife deeply, and he fully cares for him and devotes his life to her. One day, he buys a luxurious holiday to boost his wifes and organizes a dinner with his children at home to explain it as a surprise.

The drama is pretty good. They blended drama and comedy in a very measured and proper place. We highly recommend.

Älska mig | IMDB

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