GPT-3 Bot Went Undetected on Ask Reddit for a Week

A GPT-3-powered bot has been caught posing as a human on Reddit after more than a week of rampant posting on one of the site’s most popular subreddits.

Under the username of thegentlemetre, the bot had been churning out a post per minute on /r/AskReddit, a sub with more than 30 million users. That behaviour raised the suspicions of writer Philip Winston.

“I read through some of the posts and they reminded me of text I’d seen from OpenAI‘s language model GPT-3,” Winston wrote on his blog.

Winston shared his theory on the subreddit /r/GPT3. Another Redditor named Wiskkey noticed that the structure of its writing was similar to that used by the Philosopher AI, a controversial text generator powered by GPT-

Here is the link.

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MVP has to be used when dealing with services/products

Whatever job you do,Most Viable Product is indispensable for you

It may be a new service that you will start to provide, or a product you have just started to develop ... Product-market compliance or interdepartmental service quality is the first parameter you need to measure.

You run the IT department, and you see the "Password Manager" topic on the internet. Thinking about your company users and the work they do, you say "Wee need a product like this". After evaluation for the product, you meet with 2-3 companies and buy a product.

"But wait! The people who will use the product, did not evaluate this product?"

Now, "Stakeholder capitalism" or "Stakeholders driven management" is a very important issue. The service you will produce, or the product you will sell, is only successful if there is a buyer or user that is satisfied.

The "Buy first, then position the tool policy" is not valid anymore.

If we re-design the above mentioned process according to the MVP model;
The people considered to use the "Password Manager" has to be included in the process and allowed to perform tests or POCs on the product. This will lead the product / service to be immediately owned by users.

The same issue applies to complex services such as the SAP project. It is true that the service will extend the procurement process. However, when you involve the stakeholders in the process, the end users of the product will own the product as they express their opinions in the decision processes.

Very good article written for MVP and product development

Technology Update

A Nice list of Cybersecurity Programs

One of the biggest problems with cybersecurity has to do with detecting people who attack. Successful attacks are often those made using a weakness within the company.

The list of Hacking ToolsI shared with you here can help you in this sense.

I recommend that you add the software filter on your company's file server or user computers. I have seen first time,mMost of the packages in the list.

You can get the URL address here automatically and get the program names in it via your command line as follows. (Mac, Linux and Windows WSL 2)

curl "" | awk '{print substr ($ 2,3)}'

Password Manager KeePassXC

Reading these lines can save you from a lot of trouble. People often use the same password over and over for different places. For example, your e-mail password and your bank password may be the same.

After all, we are all human beings and there is a limit to our ability to memorize. It is difficult to keep more than 4-5 passwords in our memory. A short story, I did not use my  bank password of my home country for 1 year, and when I went back to Visit I forget and the ATM said, "I took it, it is mine". 😃

For these types of situations, my advice is to have a single password and use a password manager. KeePassXC is software that you can easily install on your computer. You will find that many things in your life will become more comfortable and easy.

You might think, what if someone gets that file. So I recommend you to use it like this: (Assuming you are using Dropbox or Google drive)

Copy the data file of your Password Manager to google drive /Dropbox. Access the same file on your phone and from your computer. This way, you will only have one password manager.

Note that the file with your passwords is encrypted with 4096 bits and cannot be decrypted.

you can find the program here

What About Life?

TV Series:

Travelers - (Science Fiction)

It's a very different science fiction series. A great science fiction focusing on time travelartificial intelligence and dysutopia. There are very clever details in the script.

Unfortunately the series did not continue. In 3 seasons they covered many different topics, I have never seen a TV show that thought so cleverly about time travel. Also, their commitment to Artificial Intelligence is incredible.

imdb Page

Netflix Page

"I would rather have questions that can't be answered than answers that can't be questioned"
 -- Richard Feynman

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- Şenol
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