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One of the most striking examples of this issue is that Microsoft, who admits that they were hacked in the Solarwinds incident, hid behind open source code to defend themselves.

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Big ERP, Database and Cloud companies, for decades they are marketing against Open Sourde Paradigm. This was a part of the marketing and sales strategies of large corporate technology companies for many years, have been ossified over time and turned into false prejudices.

However, time and World is in a big change. Even the architects of the once groundless claims have opened their doors to the open source world. What is left behind is the customers they impregnated with their erroneous discourses and the inadequate products they bought.

Microsoft announced that open source code is the right approach for security and they have adopted it (!) you can read here

One of the most striking examples of this issue is that Microsoft, who admits that they were hacked in the Solarwinds incident, hid behind open source code to defend themselves and prove that the damage was not great.

In this statement, which is really tearful, they tell that Microsoft is working with open source code within their own institutions, so they "adopt the best approach to security" and therefore they will not be affected so much by the hacking incident.

This is what we open-source people have been saying about the security issue for decades. But there is something Microsoft got wrong: Using open source in-house is not using open source!

To make such a statement is to say, "Look, we are like them, we are safe," to the market in the new age when the old rules disappeared and the open source approach was rapidly adopted.

I will talk about this in more detail below. However, I wouldn't say:

The pandemic has accelerated the already rapid progress in technology. The companies demonstrated the technological development they intend to achieve within 2 to 5 years, within a year.

C-level executives of businesses and anyone interested in information technology need to adapt to change as soon as possible and understand that the slavery system based on license cannot be related to the "New World".

As I always say: "Question everything" also the well known paradigms. I think this is the basic step to progress and start with the authenticity of the information you have heard so far ...

News and Useful Things

Biggest Technology Failured in 2020

MIT Technology Review has listed the mistakes of the technology in 2020, which did a huge expectation and huge loss.

The list of "Worst technologies and technological failures of the year 2020" includes prominent billion-dollar digital business plans, exploding covid tests, and the unexpected consequences of wrapping the planet with cheap satellites:

Topics are as follows:

  1. Covid tests with incorrect results.

  2. Faulty face recognition technology

  3. The rapid collapse of Quibi, a Hollywood-backed streaming service that set out to revolutionize entertainment with 10-minute shows for phone screens in April.

  4. Mysterious microwave weapon that kills diplomats from far distance

  5. All kinds of delays, errors and scandals experienced in Zoom

  6. Light pollution caused by cheap commercial satellites that companies like Amazon and SpaceX are constantly sending into space. (This can cause huge problems.)

  7. Covid19 Vaccine that gives an HIV positive result

  8. The disappointment of Cyberpunk 2077 Game

  9. Covid drug that never works: Hydroxychloroquine

To read more and details:

Biggest Technology Mistakes of 2020 | MIT Technology Review

Artificial Intelligence That Can Learn With Less Data

"A new type of learning model uses far less data than traditional AI and allows researchers with limited resources to contribute."

"Deep learning, which has become the dominant technique for creating new AIs in recent years, uses enormous amounts of data and computing power to feed complex and accurate models"

“On the other hand, people can often make abstractions from existing examples to recognize new elements that have never been seen before. For example, when different shapes are shown, a child can easily distinguish examples and recognize the relationships between shown and new shapes. ”

A new type of learning model called LO-Shot, developed at the University of Waterloo, shows that artificial intelligence can learn with much more limited samples (using only 5 out of 60,000 numbers in their experiment, achieving 92% success), without the need for billions of data.

This could revolutionize the field of artificial intelligence.

How to Make Artificial Intelligence More Democratic? | Scientific American

What does Apple want to achieve?

You may have heard of Apple's war with Facebook. They ran full-page newspaper ads accusing each other of data collection.

Apparently Apple seems to be trying to secure consumer information, but it may have a hidden agenda, too.

Maybe: he wants to convert free apps to paid services to compensate for lost revenue from targeted advertising by making it difficult to track. (Apple takes up to 30 percent of in-app sales.) Or it may be trying to develop its own tracking technologies that allow Apple to create digital files in its apps and services based on consumer behavior.

We'll wait and see.

China banned the use of AWS logo

Beijing Municipal Supreme People's Court ruled that the trademark of the term "AWS" belongs to ActionSoft Science & Technology Development Co., a Chinese software and data services company. The court ordered Amazon to stop using the term AWS or similar logos in China and pay ActionSoft $ 11.8 million for the damages. In the first half of 2020, AWS was China's fifth largest cloud provider with a 7.2% market share, according to research firm IDC.

It is quite clear that this is a commercial move.

Amazon Banned from Using AWS Logo in China Trademark Decision | Wall Street Journal

6 Topic Cyber Attackers Question Before Attacking

Attacks on cloud systems have increased by 250 percent last year. As I said in our article, we must first not understand the logic of attackers in order to ensure our cyber security.

Therefore, before attacking the attackers' prey, they question the following: "What useful information can I get from the outside about this target", "How valuable is this asset to the enemy", "What will it provide me if I take this asset?", "How long will it take to develop an attack?" , "Could the attack I develop have ROI returns?"

To read Randori's article penned by the CTO:

Six Questions Attackers Ask Before Choosing An Asset That Will Benefit | Threat Post

Technology Update

Choose Between Btrfs and LVM-ext4

“While Btrfs is an exciting new generation filesystem, ext4 over LVM is well established and stable. This guide aims to explore the high-end features of each and make it easy to choose between Btrfs and LVM-ext4. ”

Choose Between Btrfs and LVM-ext4 | Fedora Magazine

Lets continue to the same topic,

One of the most controversial issues in the Linux operating system is file systems, which is the more popular and which is more stable. Below is a good list and reviews on each. I recommend that you take 5 minutes and review it.

What are the Most Popular and Useful Linux File systems?

Regarding file systems concept, all file systems except Ext4 and XFS are still relatively new. Although the BtrFS file system stands out with its many possibilities, the LVM-ext4 we mentioned above seems to be a more reliable alternative.

File systems comparison

What About Life?

Book: Thee Body Problem

I read Cixin Liu's science fiction book Three Body Problems, which had a great impact all over the world, during the New Year's break. (the book is 400 pages but very gripping)

This book, which won the 2015 Hugo Best Novel Award, is quite impressive with its coherent universe created in itself using science and philosophy.

I don’t want to spoil the topic, I only share a small paragraph about the subject from the promotional bulletin and I highly recommend the book to read.

“A secret military project sends a signal to space to communicate with aliens. A civilization that catches this signal and is on the verge of destruction wants Earth for itself ... "

Three Body Problem | amazon

Tv Show: The Serpent

The series, which is a crime and thriller genre, tells the true story of Charles Sobhraj, who brutally murdered dozens of western hippies traveling in Asia in the mid-70s for his money.

Tahar Rahim, who plays the lead role, shows a great acting. I recommend you to watch another movie, A Prophet, which I have watched and admired his play before.

I believe anyone who likes American Crime Story will enjoy it. I loved the rhythm and narration technique.(unfortunately too much flashback)

The Serpent | IMDB

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